Why our Purified Drinking Water is the best

 The Process

Water Billboards uses water from the Canby municipal system. Municipal water is regulated by the FDA and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  Once in our facility, the water is processed through a carbon filter, a descaler, and a reverse osmosis system. The water is then ozonated to prevent any bacterial growth.  We also test for total dissolved solids (TDS), bacteria, hardness, chlorine, color, and odor daily. Federal and state agencies also require us to test our source water and finished product water through an independent agency. 

No water is released until daily test results are verified. 

Why Ozone?

Do you know that clean smell in the air after a thunderstorm? That is ozone – O3 hanging around in the air caused by lightning. We have a machine in our purification system that replicates a storm to create O3 and uses it to purify our water.

Ozone is considered to be a better disinfectant than chlorine but, because it doesn’t add any chemicals to the process, ozone is better for water processing. The ozone dissipates quickly into the water leaving no residue – just O3 turning into H2O.

Everything we do is to provide you with the best water possible!