Special Occasions

Athletes use water to stay hydrated on the court or field; Vendors and Promoters hand private label water bottles out at booths during special events; businesses give their bottles to valued clients and employees. Bottled water is a reliable way to stay hydrated and is simple to fit into many different fundraisers and events.  You can get your groups name in the hand of everyone at the event with our private label water bottles!   Did we mention it is healthy?  


With an on-staff designer, we truly have the ability to make your label as special as your company or event. You have direct contact with the designer, who takes your specifications and makes a label that is as unique as you!

Our bottles are great for special occasions like weddings, graduations, family reunions, anniversaries, and more. Our ability to use both digital and scanned photographs allows you to really make your bottle extraordinary. With a picture of the happy couple from then and now, to a graduation photo, or just a silly picture from your last family reunion, adding photographs to your label makes them even more personal. The bottles end up being a souvenir or a keepsake for many reminding them of the special time in their life.


Special Occasions



Using water bottles can help raise funds in two different ways.

  1.  Through the sale of the custom label water bottle itself
  2. The second way is through selling advertising on the bottle too!

Learn more about how to use water bottles in a fundraiser here  fundraising with water bottles