Our Purified Drinking Water

 The Process

Water Billboards water is sourced from the Canby municipal system which is regulated by the FDA and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  Once in our facility, the water is processed through a carbon filter, followed by a descaler, and finally by reverse osmosis. The water is then ozonated to prevent any bacterial growth.  We also test for total dissolved solids (TDS), bacteria, hardness, chlorine, color, and odor daily. No water is released until test results are verified. 

Why Ozone?

Ozone is very beneficial to use in water purification for many reasons, one being that it is extremely effective when disinfecting water.  Ozone can reduce the number of bacteria and virus and can many pathogens and contaminants.  Ozone is the strongest molecule for water treatment disinfection. It is more than 50% stronger at oxidizing than chlorine, which is the most common water disinfection treatment.  Another reason that we use ozone is that we want to provide you with the cleanest and most purified water we can!  To read more about how ozone works with water purification click here.