A Greener Today

A Greener Tomorrow – Today

No more using products that take hundreds of years to break down and contaminate our soil, ground, and oceans.  Now you have a choice.  Water Billboards believes that people want to do the right thing, the earth-friendly thing, but it has to be simple. We are here to help.  We work with our customers to help them with waste management, public relations and advertising their companies as earth friendly.

Going Green

You don’t have to make sacrifices to be “green.”  Our earth-friendly sugar cane fiber products withstand heat, hot liquids,  and are oil resistant. They are also microwave and freezer safe.  All our products are made in full compliance with US Food and Drug Administration Guidelines. They compost or biodegrade in less than 60 days when disposed of properly, are BPI certified, and competitively priced.

Through relationships developed with other companies, we now carry a complete line of BPI certified compostable or biodegradable food service items for our customers.  We can supply everything including cups/glasses, plates, utensils, and serving items, completing the process with garbage bags.

We do the work — YOU get the credit!